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Website Planning & Design

Website Planning & Design

Website Planning & Design

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For clients considering multiple languages for overseas public relations

How should messages be conveyed using the Internet and to whom? Arc Communications undertakes consulting work on overseas public relations strategies for our clients. We can design websites in English, Chinese (traditional and simplified characters), Korean, French, German, Spanish, Russian and other languages. In addition, depending on the client's wishes, we run checks on operating systems and web browser environments in the relevant languages. Contact us also for registering sites in overseas search engines and distributing press releases.

For foreign-affiliated companies that want to set up a website for their Japan office

Arc Communications creates designs that adhere to the corporate identity of the client's head office website, reviews and translates the content of the head office site, and additionally plans and produces content exclusively for the Japanese site. Also, if requested by the client, our staff will interact directly with the client's head office for data and confirmation of technical issues. We are also able to localize into Japanese systems developed by the head office using ASP, PHP or CGI.

For customers planning to update a large-scale site

We consult on a variety of issues at the outset of the project that will be useful to site management after the site is updated. These include devising site production rules, proposing rules for consistent design and directory architecture, and setting out usage rules for tags. After considering the time and cost for revising an enormous volume of content, navigation is reconstructed in order to improve usability. Substantial energy is also devoted to creating systems for assuring quality. For example, for HTML coding of over 10,000 pages, high quality and efficiency is achieved by conducting the process systematically through creating an automatic conversion program or other such means.

For clients considering implementing a content management system

Content creators write in HTML, so efficiency is poor. Internal approval processes are complicated, so it is difficult to upload updated information. The period content available online must be carefully managed, and this takes time and resources. For clients facing these kinds of problems, there is value in considering implementing a content management system (CMS). There are a variety of CMS solutions available on the market, from freeware to document systems costing several 100 million yen that are not limited to website content, but manage all company documents. Arc Communications selects the optimal CMS system for our clients and smoothly conducts its implementation and the migration of existing content.

For clients thinking of a promotional campaign for products or services

The Internet, a medium for which it is easy to narrow down the recipients of information, can be expected to be especially effective for promoting niche products and services that identify targets and strive for differentiation. Arc Communications provides comprehensive, integrated support for developing promotions on the Internet, from the stage of devising marketing strategy to actually building the website. For example, a project for a major stationery manufacturer increased site access by 185% and succeeded in collecting data on 4000 potential customers. Another example was a project we conducted for a large electronics manufacturer. Log analysis verified that the project led to a sixfold increase in monthly site access. Furthermore, feedback from end users, status of data collection on potential customers, access log data and other effectiveness measures are incorporated into strategies for the next promotion.

Why the Quality of Arc Communications Website Planning & Design Services is High

Service Lineup

Website Consulting

Strategy formulation, competitor surveys, guideline establishment, etc.

New Website Design and Updating

Design, copywriting, translation, HTML coding, Flash creation

System Development

Database and network design, program development in CGI, PHP, ASP, Java, etc.

Website Updating and Maintenance

Web Promotions

Advertising, search engine optimization, etc.

Client List

Kyowa Hakko Kogyo, Sony Group, CTC Technology, Nifco, Tostem Homewell, Panasonic Communications, Plus Vision, All Nippon Airways, Mitsui & Co., Information Services International-Dentsu, The Yomiuri Shimbun, Nortel Networks, GE Group

University of Tokyo, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, JETRO, National Center for University Entrance Examinations, Japan Foundation , Nippon Export and Investment Insurance, Earth Observation Research and Application Center, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, National Institute of Technology and Evaluation, National Institute of Health and Nutrition, National Institute of Industrial Safety, National Traffic Safety and Environment Laboratory, Electronic Navigation Research Institute, Japan Center for Intercultural Communications, Life & Bio Plaza 21, Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau

Accela Technology, CICOM, ICB, Infolibria, Kato Model, Mobile Internet Capital, People Focus Consulting, The Continuity Company, U.S. Education Network



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