Feature Interview

Contributions to Leaders Determined to Change the World: a conversation with Diamond Harvard Business Review editors.

10th Anniversary

CEO's Message

2016 Winter Greetings from Arc Communications President, Mariko Ohsato.

10th Anniversary


Examining many fascinating aspects of the English language through historical and regional perspectives and more.

Staff Interview

As Head of Translation & Localization Division, Hiroaki Baba helps to provide high quality translations and develop new services internally.

Get to Know our Staff

In the ever popular "Draw Me a..." feature, Arc Communications' employees were asked to doodle a monkey, giving birth to unique pieces...


About Arc’s Newsletter

At Arc Communications, we release our periodical newsletter, funNOTE, twice a year (summer and winter), covering everything from the latest developments in translation and web design to a light-hearted look into what Arc Communications is like behind closed doors.