CEO’s Message

March 2018

Redefining Our Goals

Twelve and a half years have now passed since our company's establishment, and we have taken this opportunity to redefine our corporate philosophy as "Vision, Mission, and Values."

You may ask "Why now?" And I would say it is because I feel that the company is entering a new phase.

Up until now, we had been racing to improve our company, but as the number of employees is about to reach 50, I felt it was necessary to stop for a moment and reorganize what we had built, in order for our company to make the next big step forward.

In this light, we updated the rules of employment that had been implemented since our establishment. We also called in an industrial doctor and created health and safety rules. And now, we have a newly defined corporate philosophy.

This new corporate philosophy was made by reorganizing the essence of what I had been saying since day one. So for our staff, it is nothing new.

However, putting it down in written form and communicating it both inside and outside the company has enabled us to reconfirm our goals so we can better put them into practice.

Our new corporate philosophy is as follows:

Communicate Locally, Market Globally

Putting Your Business into Words,
Conveying Your Business to the World

- The 3 Ps
We underpin our work with the 3 Ps--Professional, Proactive and Profitable
- Enthusiasm, Integrity, and Innovation
We commit to working with integrity, enthusiasm and a spirit of innovation, for ourselves, our company and our society
- 1+1=3
We create output that is greater than the sum of its parts through the collaboration of independent minds
- Sharing a Common Goal
We navigate with our clients toward a common goal
- Building Lasting Relationships
We strive to build a relationship of trust with our clients, so they feel comfortable coming back to us

However, goals are easier to set than to achieve. So we will continue to do our best and would greatly appreciate any feedback that you may have.

On another note, we have chosen our Translator of the Year.
Since our establishment, Arc Communications has awarded Translator of the Year to translators who showed outstanding skills.

I look forward to working with you again this year.

Mariko Ohsato
President & CEO