Get to Know our Staff

September 2015

"Growth" According to...

For the 10th anniversary milestone edition, we asked each of Arc Communications' employees to take a growth-themed photograph.
Be it their personal growth or their families', they all tried to illustrate "Growth" through their camera lens.
The different ways in which they captured their respective growth makes for a set that truly reveals their personality and sensibilities. You can also read the comments that accompany some of the pictures.

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  • This was the first time I made it to the podium. It was in an opening game, two years in after transferring to MTB. It's not good enough yet because the results haven't led to victory, but it gave me a sense of small improvement. I'll continue trying my best each day to achieve results I can be proud of and reach my goals.

  • This is the moment when I managed to improve my ranking by one place, the result of four years of efforts.
    February 2015, World Ski Orienteering Championships, Norway.

  • As you can see, I've grown quite a bit.

  • My dream as a seven year old was to become a volleyball player and go to the Olympics.
    Now, my dream is to make ski orienteering an Olympic sport and help an athlete qualify for the Olympics.
    That's growth, isn't it? Or is it decline?

  • Aoki

  • Iwata

  • Ogawa

  • Kurashina

  • Sakaino

  • Sato

  • Shibata

  • Doi

  • Naka

  • Murakami

  • Watanabe

  • The stem of a pea sprout always regenerates, even if you cut it.
    As it grows several centimeters per day, it's considered a fast-growing, high performance plant.
    Having said that, it can only regenerate twice or so. (laughs)

  • In anything you do, growth is visible at the beginning, almost tangible, but as time goes by it becomes more difficult to notice.
    In the same way the temperature of water steadily rises until ebullition, I would like to maintain that feeling of progress for my personal growth too.

  • It has been six years since I entered Arc Communications, and this month I received my second encouragement award from the President.
    The fact that I received both awards for different reasons makes me feel thankful for all the things I have learned from working here.

  • There are five years to go until the Tokyo Olympics. In five years' time, an elementary school student can go from first to sixth grade.
    I wonder if society will have majorly changed along with sports in five years, when today's freshmen and new employees will be able to make plans for the future.

  • I want to firmly settle in and keep growing step by step.

  • It's fairly difficult to notice your own growth, but children grow at an alarming speed. At that rate, as a father I believe a day will come when they can rival with Willie Williams. I 'm really looking forward to seeing what the future has in store next.

  • Windows 95 was released in 1995, then Internet rapidly caught on.
    Still, until Google made its entrance, it was difficult to find the information you wanted.
    I have a feeling that Google was the driving force that helped the world of Internet to grow.

  • In Japan, we often say it's a good thing to start lessons at the age of six, on June 6th... And it's quite true!
    This is the first typeface I was taught in my calligraphy class. Three years later, I finally made the passing mark. Oh my!

  • I bought this Pachira four or five years ago in a 100 Yen Shop.
    It was tiny back then, but it has grown into a fine decorative house plant.
    Its presence is a soothing one in these often brutal days.

  • It's getting deeper and larger.
    They're going to build a condominium there apparently.
    Right now, they're clearing a deep and large foundation (an underground car park, probably?).
    I find amazing how, in cities, growth happens both above and under ground.
    Yamamoto Y.

  • Iishiro

  • Ikeda

  • Inagaki

  • Sasaki

  • Kato

  • Genda

  • Seimiya

  • Daniel

  • Matsubayashi

  • Ito

  • Kikumoto

  • Takezoe

  • Takedomi

  • Taniyama

  • Naruse

  • Hayashi

  • Yamamoto R.