arc communications & funNOTE 10th Anniversary
    Thank you for ten years of support.
    We will work to continue exceeding your expectations.

CEO's Message

President Mariko Ohsato's wholehearted gratitude for Arc Communications' 10th anniversary.

10th Anniversary

Feature Interview

Arc Communications' External Directors: 10 Years, Looking Back and Forward
A conversation between President Mariko Ohsato and the board members committee established at the time of the company's founding in 2005.

10th Anniversary


Examining many fascinating aspects of the English language through historical and regional perspectives and more.

Get to Know our Staff

Arc Communications' employees were asked to illustrate the idea of "Growth" through their photographic lens. Take a look at these artistic (?) expressions of great individuality.


About Arc’s Newsletter

At Arc Communications, we release our periodical newsletter, funNOTE, twice a year (summer and winter), covering everything from the latest developments in translation and web design to a light-hearted look into what Arc Communications is like behind closed doors.