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It is December already! Thanks to our valued clients and all others involved, Arc Communications has been able to greet another new season. This time, we have prepared a few novelty goods, so please do apply for it!
In closing the office for the year end holidays, we will be carrying out a screening of “The 10 Biggest News (And Behind the Scenes) Items of the Year.” Projects that are carried out at the end of the year leave an especially big impression on our staff, so those looking to win a prize here are eagerly waiting to receive a “present” from you in the form of a work assignment. (*^_^*)

Mariko Ohsato
Representative Director (CEO), Arc Communications Inc.
"Blog Marketing", translated by Mariko Ohsato into Japanese, has been published on November 30 from Diamond, Inc.

Arc Communications has launched a new divisional system from October. Messages from the head of each division follow with their caricatures.
Work that I take pride in
Kazutoshi Honda: Head of Translation and Localization
Work that I want to challenge
Yoshihiro Sato: Web and Cross-Media Planning
The job that left the deepest impression
Hiroshi Watanabe: Temporary Employment and Referrals
"The quality of our translations is unrivaled!"
We have many top rate professional translators, such as those who are active in translating publications as well as teachers from translation schools. Their backgrounds include MBA holders and system engineers, so they have deep specialized knowledge and work experience. Translation by native speakers is our fundamental, so Japanese to English translations are carried out by native English speakers, which is then checked by Japanese translators. Our Japanese to English translation is of unrivaled quality, so please do try it once! You are sure to be satisfied.
"Our communication business!"
Arc Communications was established with a focus on communication. The Web renewal project that we handle is project-based, so it tends to become a wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know our clients. We will devote our total attention to Website operation, renewal and consulting so that we can build a deep and long-lasting relation with our clients.
"We are encouraged by words of praise"
One of our clients said, "The level of the temporary staff dispatched by Arc Communications is very high!" and we were referred to another temp assignment at a different department within the company. I had never been happier. The feature of the temp staff registered with Arc Communications is that they are highly experienced and professional.
I'll Be Working Hard on Christmas Day!

Santa Claus is of course one of the leading figures at Christmas time, but the reindeer that work hard to make it all possible may be the biggest contributor. Since we will happily work on Christmas day for our clients, this time we chose "Reindeer" as the theme. Everyone had 15 seconds to think about it and 45 seconds to draw it. It is the kind of fun that stimulates the right half of the brain. Here are the top two from each division in terms of "What is it that you drew?" We have some presents on hand to give away to those who cast their votes. The deadline is Sunday, December 17. Please do vote for the "Best Reindeer Prize." (When you cast your vote, you will also be able to see other drawings that weren't nominated here.)

Note: you can see a bigger image by clicking on it.

Thank you very much for your posting to our "Best Reindeer Prize".
Entry was closed on December 17, '06.
Now we are adding up your votes.

"Best Reindeer Prize" winner is here:

The screener has arbitrarily chosen these two drawings. The composition is exactly the same! One looks like a mural from the Lascaus cave, and the other looks like a sketch drawn by a little girl who saw it.

The Web team seriously took votes to select the appropriate drawing, so we are sure that these two are the best! Please vote for the tour de force of our team!
drawn by Honda
drawn by Suzuki
drawn by Sato
drawn by Usami
This is a mural from the Lascaus cave. A dog running in a reindeer outfit? A stuffed reindeer hanging on a wall? Looks like something that would appear in Pokémon, don't you think?

Our team is composed primarily of women, so we decided to choose our drawing from a woman's perspective. While we thought that it would be fun to submit reindeer that looked like a monster, we finally decided on feminine "curves."

One of the men in our team said, "I would never have thought of drawing only the face." We selected these drawings on the basis of their "cuteness," so unfortunately, the drawings made by the men in our team were not selected.
drawn by Maeda
drawn by Inagaki
drawn by Kato
drawn by Matsumura
The curve of an ankle? Can you tell that it's the curve of a neck? What is that sticking out of the head? Horns, ears or is it a big long-haired dog? A reindeer without doubt., but maybe a little too cute?

We will be giving away novelty goods by drawing to those who cast their ballots. Please do apply for them! (No color choices available)

- The deadline to cast your vote is Sunday, December 17. We will determine the winner of the gifts by strict drawing. Presents will be sent directly to winners in lieu of an announcement.
- You must be a resident of Japan to be eligible for a prize. Due to shipping reasons, we will not be able to send presents to those overseas.

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