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Our best wishes to you for the summer season!
A hot topic of conversation at our office recently is “generation gap.” Some say that they have never seen a rotary dial telephone or a television set with rotary channel selector, or ever lit a match. I don’t know when it happened, but I now find myself on the side that says in genuine surprise, “What? You mean you’ve never seen one?!” However, the shoe is on the other foot when it comes to the Internet or mobile phones. I hear things like, “I earned my living expenses during college through auction sites,” or “I have touch-keyboarding abilities when it comes to mobile phones.”
The foundation for every single one of Arc Communications’ businesses is the Internet. Our desire is that all of us at Arc Communications are professionals in one way or another in its utilization for our business, regardless of our generational differences.

Mariko Ohsato
Representative Director (CEO), Arc Communications Inc.
President's blog: Mariko at a Gallop!
WTC (Web, Translation and Communication) One-stop Service
(Cross-business website production and operation support in English for foreign affiliates in Japan)

Arc Communications provides three different services: translation, web planning and design, and temporary employment. We roll up our sleeves whenever we receive a request for work that cuts across two or three services because that is where Arc Communications’ strengths can really come into play!
Here is more on one of our cross-business support services.

Website production and operation support for foreign affiliates in Japan
—the WTC (Web, Translation and Communication) One-stop Service

Every team at Arc Communications has at least one member who is proficient in English, and we have many overseas clients. Email and voice communication with clients in English is of course possible. But, what’s more, if the need for translation should arise, the translation team will handle anything from titles and short sentences to the whole of a website. The translation is carried out while keeping a close eye on the web production schedule.
The English-language barrier is non-existent in web production as provided by Arc Communications, an advantage that no other web production company has!

Our clients are appreciative of this strength of Arc Communications, and comments that we have received include:
“You were the only web production company that could accommodate English, so we very much want to have you handle our work!”
“You have freed us from concern over slight omissions in translations or the translation of one-line titles!”

If you are in a bind in English as it relates to web production, please feel free to consult with us!
For inquiries, etc. contact Tomoyuki Unno (Mr.) at

Draw it in 45 seconds!! (Good luck charm for flourishing business!)

Thanks to all of you reading the fun NOTE, Arc Communications celebrated its second anniversary on July 15 and has entered its third year. In lieu of a prayer for the arrival of a further succession of clients and flourishing business, we have chosen the Japanese good luck charm Maneki Neko or “beckoning cat” for the third of this game that stimulates the right half of our brain.
The rules are simple: players have 15 seconds to think after hearing the theme, and another 45 seconds to draw it from memory! It seems that this time the theme was a bit difficult for many, resulting in a series of, well… interesting sketches. Each division has chosen the best (?) two, or at least the most entertaining drawings, for entry here. Once again, we will be giving away fabulous gifts to those who cast their votes. Please help us choose the “Succession of Customers?! Gold Beckoning Cat Prize.” The deadline is Sunday, July 29.

Note: you can see a bigger image by clicking on it.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are the other interesting if not unique drawings that unfortunately were left out of the running for the prize.

There were many unique cats, though it was hard to recognize them as such in some of the drawings…

We let out a sigh of relief that everyone’s drawing was relatively decent. We proudly (?) present the two that won the close competition within our team which is aiming to get top prize again following last winter’s victory!
drawn by Ishimoto
drawn by Hasegawa
drawn by Ono
drawn by Motohashi
Kyoto welcome cat Bon festival dance cat Grandpa cat waving good-bye to grandchild Dozing shop-tender cat (don’t you just love the cushion it’s sitting on?)

The most sensational one was the interesting (to put it mildly) drawing by the division manager. However, we have chosen the following two so that we may preserve the good image people have of the Temporary Employment team!

The Business management team hasn’t been able to win the Gold Prize yet, so we tried selecting the drawings from a different perspective this time.
drawn by Inoue
drawn by Koizumi
drawn by Ohsato
drawn by Saito
Too-scary-to-flee-from juvenile-gang leader store-tender cat Paws for thought? (Pun intended!) Kintaro cat! Cat, you ask? Noooo… this is Art!
We will be giving away novelty goods by drawing to those who cast their ballots. Please do apply for them! (No color choices available)

- The deadline to cast your vote is Sunday, July 29. We will determine the winner of the gifts by strict drawing. Presents will be sent directly to winners in lieu of an announcement.
- You must be a resident of Japan to be eligible for a prize. Due to shipping reasons, we will not be able to send presents to those overseas.

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