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I’ve been writing a lot lately. For one thing, there’s my blog. There is also an essay sort of thing that I write for an alumni newsletter, as well as work-related texts. I suppose that one’s writing improves the more one writes, but it feels like the more I write, the more I notice how bad I am at it. Recently, I’ve learned to enlist the help of people who are better writers than I am. However, when I have a native speaker look at what I’ve written in English, it comes back all marked in red with changes made even to the nominative I’d carefully selected. It’s the same way with things written in Japanese, too. I am often enlightened to see how what is supposed to be the same Japanese can be written so clearly! (On the other hand, it makes me feel that it doesn’t really sound like me.) By the way, what you are reading now is what I’ve written without any input from others, so I’m sure it sounds very much like the usual me. I hope you don’t mind. :-)

December X, 2007
Mariko Ohsato
Representative Director & CEO,Arc Communications Inc.
President's blog: Mariko at a Gallop!

Resolutions for 2008

Thank you very much for your many work orders this year! We look forward to being of service to you again in 2008!


A staff member who is proficient in Chinese joined the translation team in the latter part of this year, and our Chinese translation services have become even mightier. Please feel free to consult with us if you need any translation services!

Yasuyuki Yamamoto, Sales

Web & Cross-Media Planning and Production:

I’ve finally become a father! In 2008 I will give 120% as a “working father” to both my work and family!

Tomoyuki Unno, Sales

Temporary Employment & Referrals:

I am going to work next year towards enhancing my own skills, for the best pairing of temporary staff member and customer, so that both can be happy! I look forward to being able to report results to you in next summer’s newsletter.

Yuka Inoue, Sales

Some Useful Tips for Website Production
- Three Secrets to Content Production, the Most Difficult Element in Corporate Website Production

What do you think a person assigned to producing (or renewing) a website for his or her company has the most difficulty with? It is how and what to write as the content for the website.

Have you ever been at a loss when a web production company asks you for a manuscript for your website? It especially becomes very difficult to keep a uniform style throughout the website, for example, when there is a different writer for each product that is being introduced. It will help you if you begin by drafting writing guidelines.

Secret No.1: Draft guidelines

Websites contain features such as links and menus. You will be able to greatly reduce the burden on those assigned to write, edit and produce websites, as well as enhance the overall efficiency and quality of the work, by drafting guidelines that keep the utilization of these functions in mind. Guidelines of between two and three pages are sufficient—after all, guidelines that are too detailed become too difficult to read and follow.

Secret No.2: Write the content in-house!

At Arc Communications, we recommend that the customer write the content of their website. It is of course possible for this to be commissioned to us, but it will mean extra costs and time. No one knows the company better than you do, and fresh words written by someone who knows your company best will appeal most strongly to your website’s visitors.

Secret No.3: Outsource and secure a budget for the editing process

Editing is a step that always follows the writing process. Please leave the editing to us. The quality of your website will be enhanced by having us brush up the content, organizing it into easy-to-read text. It will also lessen the burden on the person in charge at your company, and at the same time make it easier to manage delivery deadlines. We recommend that you secure a budget for editing within your website production budget.

At Arc Communications, when editing work is outsourced to us, we create writing guidelines with the customer. We have prepared a model guideline, so if you are having problems with your website content production, why not take a look?You can download it from here (available in Japanese only).

Person in charge: Kentaro Ono

45秒で思い出し描き HAPPY 噛む!獅子舞で健康祈願

This is the fourth time for “Draw it in 45 seconds!!” a regular feature in the Web version of our fun NOTE. Participants have 15 seconds to think after being told the theme, and 45 seconds to draw it. The difficult theme chosen this time, to test just how much we have been able to develop the right hemispheres of our brains, was the “lion dance.”

Good luck is supposed to befall on those “bitten” by the lion mask. Which lion would you like to be bitten by? Please vote and let us know. As usual, we have a lovely present to give away by drawing to people who cast a ballot. The deadline is Sunday, December 16. We look forward to receiving your votes!!

Note: you can see a bigger image by clicking on it.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are the other interesting if not unique drawings that unfortunately were left out of the running for the prize.


blog: Translation Commandos

The translation team came up with various animals, not just lions. The close up and the view of the whole body were selected.


blog: Arc Web Family

The Web Team, which has been winning consecutively, is flying high! Neither lion here seems to have its feet on the ground either.

drawn by Odake
drawn by Yamamoto
drawn by Sato(Yuu)
drawn by Motohashi
Please note the feet, too! Kids might cry at the sight of this! You can almost hear it roaring, don’t you think? The droopy ears are its charming features!


blog: It's Another Fine Day

Lions may be ferocious, but you see an element of “cuteness” in the lions drawn by these women. Inoue: It’s proud of its beautiful, long hair!


blog: Arc Style

The management team has been having a hard time in this contest. Here are the lions they chose in hopes of working a miracle!

drawn by Inoue
drawn by Ohta
drawn by Matsumura
drawn by Sasaki
It’s proud of its beautiful, long hair! You see the stylishness of old Edo in the traditional headband it wears! Don’t you just love how dynamic it looks?! Its big eyes are what make it so special!

We will be giving away the following present to those who cast their ballots. Winners will be chosen by drawing. We look forward to your entries!

- The deadline to enter this chance to win a present is Sunday, December 16. Winners will be determined by strict drawing. Presents will be sent directly to winners in lieu of an announcement.

- You must be a resident of Japan to be eligible for a prize. Due to shipping reasons, we will not be able to send presents to overseas addresses.

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