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December 15, 2008
Mariko Ohsato
Representative Director & CEO
Arc Communications Inc.

There are two things that I am studying recently.

The first is corporate social responsibility (CSR). It is a bit embarrassing that I am learning about CSR now despite our having handled so many translations and website productions related to this topic, but I am participating in workshops and receiving the instruction of experts.

The second is making baby food. Unfortunately, my skills have yet to improve no matter how many books I read! I am feeling fairly confident about our company's fulfilling its corporate social responsibility. I wish I could say the same about my fulfilling motherly responsibilities in the Ohsato household.

They say, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Like the Daruma doll which always manages to return to an upright position, I will approach both projects seriously and keep at them until I succeed.

With Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner, this is a season filled with many events. Keep warm! Don’t catch a cold!

Introduction of Arc Communications’Business Divisions

Web&Cross Media お問い合わせはこちらまで

Websites have become the nucleus of corporate PR activities. We launched this division with the planning, production and operation of such websites, and today we are involved widely in corporate branding and PR activities, including the planning, production and utilization of visual identity (VI), company brochures and product pamphlets. We are also highly recognized for our one stop multi-language solutions, which we provide through collaboration with our translation division.

●Business Content
Website planning, production and operation; consulting, PR tool production (corporate brochures, product pamphlets, etc.); business tool production (business cards, envelopes, etc.); advertisement design; and copywriting

・	Translation/Localization お問い合わせはこちらまで

As can be seen by the fact that 70% of the DIAMOND Harvard Business Review is translated by Arc Communications, we have a solid reputation for the high quality of our translations. Regarding localization, which requires strength in information technologies, we won the grand prize in the 1st Japan IT Business Management Awards in 2000. More recently, there is an accelerated increase in the number of requests for translations related to internal control, corporate social responsibility and the new accounting standard. We are having our translators devote themselves to studying these areas so that we can respond swiftly to translations in fields that require the latest operational knowledge.

●Business Content
Translation and localization

Temporary Employment/Referral/Interpreter Dispatch お問い合わせはこちらまで

We dispatch professionals with specialized skills in English, the Web or writing. We also offer contract services to back you up when the volume of work increases rapidly. We respond to varying needs, whether they are one-time only, short- or long-term.

●Business Content
Temporary employment, referral and interpretation services

Draw it in 45 seconds!! Daruma Fair at Arc Communications!


With less than one month left, have you been able to achieve your goals for 2008? Here is good news for those of you who are wondering if you are going to have to carry them over into the coming year! Arc Communications staff have lovingly drawn Daruma dolls to help make your wishes come true.

Please choose one Daruma doll in which you would like to entrust your wish and cast a vote for it. We will choose 10 lucky winners of a wonderful present, by drawing, from among those who voted.

Thank you very much for your posting to our "Best Daruma Prize".
Entry was closed on December 21, '08.

Voting Results

Please check out the other drawings that did not make it into the final round.
There are many unique drawings there, too!

Note: You can see larger images by clicking on the drawings.

Translation Team

We have a Daruma doll from both extremes—one that has a strong impact and one that is quite cute. Both are characterized by their big eyes!

drawn by Hosoe
Looks like a grandpa that you might see somewhere, don’t you think?

drawn by Fujii
Cute enough to decorate your desktop!

Web Team

It turned into a look-alike contest for the Web team. However, they are unrivaled when it comes to originality of the drawings!

drawn by Ogawa
A sniper Daruma… but how does he hold his gun?

drawn by Sato
It’s a Santa-like Daruma befitting the Christmas season.

Temporary Employment Team

The concept for this team was “Simple is best!” Note, however, that simple does not mean plain.

drawn by Koizumi
Some owl-like touches have been added to this Daruma doll.

drawn by Ohta
Mine is characterized by its red body. (What? It looks black? No, no, it’s red!)

Business Management Team

The mouth, the motif on the belly… there is no doubt that these are father and child Daruma dolls!

drawn by Seimiya
The child Daruma is saying hello with a cute smile on his face.

drawn by Kato
The father Daruma is full of dignity!


We will be giving away Arc Communications novelty goods to winners chosen by drawing from among those who cast votes for their favorite drawing. Please feel free to apply for being considered for the presents!

  • 1. The deadline for present applications is Sunday, December 21. Present winners will be determined by strict drawing.
  • Shipment of presents to winners will be made in lieu of an announcement. We may contact you by email if we are unsure of your mailing address.
  • Only those residing in Japan are eligible for the present drawing. Our apologies to those who live overseas, but due to shipment reasons, we cannot send presents abroad.

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