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March 24, 2008

The motto at Arc Communications is "integrity, innovation and of interest." Here are some of our new efforts; I think you will agree that they are quite in line with our motto.

Launch of a recruitment business specializing in the pharmaceutical field

When I was a sophomore in college, I had a very difficult time deciding whether I should proceed to the faculty of pharmaceutical sciences, the faculty of science or the faculty of agriculture. In the end, I chose something totally different--the faculty of letters. I have to admit that I still have strong feelings for pharmaceuticals--a field that I severed my ties with at the time. I have been involved in this field through the translations or Web promotions we carry out for our clients in this industry. Well, we have recently hired Mr. Sato, who has 24 years experience as a medical representative (MR) for pharmas, and launched a business as an employment agency specializing in pharmaceuticals. My only complaint in having done so is that we now have three people with the Sato surname in our company. It does make things a wee bit confusing at the office sometimes.

We can still help you in relation to J-SOX (Japanese version of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act)

We like going ahead of the times, and with our past record in translation services to respond to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the US, we launched services early on for responding to J-SOX, including not only translations but also document writing, auditing assistance, etc.). The Japanese version of the law is going to go into force in April, so we thought that there would not be much to do anymore. To the contrary, demand has actually increased. Considering that full-fledged auditing will not begin until next year, there is still time. Feel free to consult with us with any last-minute needs!

A new arc under development

Under normal circumstances, we deliver a printed version of our newsletter in spring and not an online version. We hope nobody has noticed. :- p We are now in our third year since the business transfer from IDS Corporation, and we are in the process of developing some a new arc. We hope that you will look forward to seeing how we will change in what we deliver to you!

Of course it is important for us to continue what we have been doing; not just challenge new things! We will take our time in nurturing the new buds that have sprout. In the mean time, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, needs or comments.

Mariko Ohsato
Representative Director & CEO

Translator of the Year

The Translation and Localization Team present its Translators of the Year awards to those who have been particularly active over the past year. We thank you deeply for your work.

  • Gold Prize
  • Silver Prize
  • Bronze Prize

There are, of course, many other translators who have cooperated with us and provided us with their valuable efforts. Everyone is talented with a strong sense of responsibility and an eagerness for learning new things; so much so that it sometimes surprises our translation coordinators. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you very much. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Introduction of discount services for various training

As part of services for the translators and temporary employees registered with Arc Communications who support our daily operations, we have been considering ways to provide opportunities for skill development and self empowerment. We will be partnering with two companies:

  • U.S. Education Network Inc., a school specializing in studies for the acquisition of US CPA qualifications (See Japanese press release 2008/2/26)
  • CEL Eigo Solutions, which carries out training for preparing to take the translator-guides and STEP 1st grade examinations and reinforcing overall English-language capabilities, as well as English-language training for companies (See Japanese press release 2008/3/19)

We will continue considering ways to provide services in various ways, so please look forward to it.

Special discounts will be available to the readers of fun NOTE from the following:
  • U.S. Education Network Inc. (Spring campaign also being carried out until April 30)
  • CEL Eigo Solutions

Both companies will be waiving enrollment fees and providing course discounts. Please contact Ms. Ishimoto at Arc Communications for details (

Recruitment sites opened!

Temporary employment information site:
Arc @ career
Pharmaceutical and medical equipment industry recruitment site:
Arc @ medical tenshoku

We hope you will be able to make the most of these sites!

Draw it in 45 seconds!! Collector's item school bags??

This drawing contest has become a standard and much enjoyed feature of the Web-version fun NOTE. Since this is the first spring issue of the Web-version, we decided on a theme befitting the season--the beginning of the new school year for students, and the very first for first graders who often look tiny with school bags that they will grow into over the next six years of elementary school. In this, the 5th contest, we are featuring an inanimate object for the first time as the theme.

Because the theme is quite simply compared to the other difficult themes of the past, we gave participants 10 seconds to recall the theme and only 40 seconds to draw it. We were worried that the drawings were going to look pretty similar, but lo and behold. It is quite interesting how they turned out.

You can see the drawings that didn’t quite make the cut and did not make it to the final round of the contest from here.
Note: You can see larger images by clicking on the drawings.

Thank you very much for your posting to our "Best School Bag Prize".
Entry was closed on March 31, '08.
Now we are adding up your votes.

"Best School Bag Prize" winner is here:

Translation Team

For some reason, many of the school bags drawn faced left. We are proud of the depth of the bags…a lot of room for books!

drawn by Fujii
Can't you just picture the first graders at the enrollment ceremony with cherry blossoms in the background?

drawn by Odake
It's sturdy and will keep its shape over the six years of use!

Web Team

We chose some unique works. Note that they both have good luck charms hanging from the same spot on the bags.

drawn by Nomoto
The shoulders straps on these bags are sturdily and well sewn!

drawn by Fukai
It's cute and popular among the little girls!

Temporary Employment and Recruitment Teams

The Recruitment Team has joined starting with this contest. It has become a match of ideas within the teams!

drawn by Koizumi
How do you like this school bag, complete with a model?

drawn by Sato (H)
Isn't the shape like a household appliance pretty cool?

Business Management Team

The team has not been doing well in this contest, so three board members have decided to enter the contest as well! Is the team now serious about claiming a win?

drawn by Sumita
It's a school bag that people will be lining up for. Complete with my autograph too (Ms. Sumita appears regularly on a TV show)

drawn by Mase
No, no it is not too big. It is quite lightweight, actually!


We will be giving away the present shown right, by drawing, to those who cast a vote on their favorite drawing. Please feel free to apply for being considered in the drawing!
A memo clip clock that comes in five colors (purple, light blue, orange, yellow-green and gray). Sorry, the colors will be selected by Arc Communications!

- The deadline for present applications is Monday, March 31, 2008. Present winners will be determined by strict drawing, and shipment of presents to winners will be made in lieu of winner announcements.
- Only those residing in Japan are eligible for the presents. Our apologies to those overseas, but due to shipment reasons, we cannot send presents abroad.

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