CEO’s Message

September 2015

Thank you for all your comments and feedback

Please accept our wholehearted gratitude for helping us make Arc Communications what it is today.
We couldn't have reached our current position without your precious guidance.

Communicate Locally, Market Globally

This slogan didn't yet exist when we launched the company. Although, as I was concerned with the amount of fascinating information on products and services created throughout the world that wasn't living up to its full potential, I wanted to create a brand of communication that would convey the essence of their splendor.

At the time, we already had the keywords "translation" and "Web" but hadn't organized them into tangible services. Fortunately, customers got in touch with us, and I remember promising my team to work following this motto: to receive ten projects from one customer rather than one project each from ten different customers. Thusly, we drew up the seven pillars of our corporate philosophy, which became "to work toward increasing happiness amongst ourselves, our company and our society."

Thanks to the support of many customers, we have managed to grow and evolve during this past ten years.
Your requests allowed us to always reach further and expand our areas of business.
Your words of gratitude enabled us to push ourselves even further.
Your comments gave us the opportunity to rethink and adapt our behavior.

Thank you very much for all of your feedback. It was a true source of encouragement and growth.

We can now strive to contribute to society.
As such, we started two CSR activities: 1) a portal website dedicated to increasing the number of study abroad students in Japan; and 2) supporting young athletes who are trying to take on the world with sports.
We intend to pursue our daily efforts in order for us and our customers to put our slogan into practice: Communicate Locally, Market Globally.

We count on your continuing feedback which, in ten years' time, will allow us to thank you again for our consecutive growth.

Mariko Ohsato
President & CEO


Communicate Locally, Market Globally
In the global age we are living in, breaking through the walls of language, time and distance infinitely broadens possibilities. Since its establishment in 2005, Arc Communications has strived to provide high quality communications services to help convey our customers' messages.
Here is a look at the main events that took place at Arc Communications and on in our society over the last ten years.

  Highlights at Arc Communications Meanwhile, in the rest of the world
2005 Launch of Arc Communications on July, 15
Launch of our three services: translation, Web solutions and temporary staffing
Appointment of outside directors
First large scale project using CMS architecture
Launch of the Tsukuba Express line
Opening of the Expo 2005 Aichi Japan
2006 Launch of the separated department system
Launch of our business publications translation service
Our Web team's participation in 10 consecutive successful calls for bid
First large scale global website creation
First issue of our corporate newsletter, funNOTE
Launch of the mobile number portability (MNP) system
Torino 2006 Winter Olympics
2007 Launch of our temporary staffing service
20 consecutive successful translation trials
Launch of a Web service to help create/manage websites directed at foreign-owned Japanese companies
We were awarded the Privacy Mark
First Tokyo Marathon
2008 Launch of our multi-language translation service
Mrs. Ohsato took a two month-long maternity leave
Opening of the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin line
Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics
2009 Launch of our interpretation service
Launch of a CMS audit service for companies considering the inclusion of the CMS architecture
Launch of an English-language website evaluation service
Logo renewal
Change of government from the Liberal Democratic Party in favor of the Democratic Party
2010 Launch of our graphic design service
Launch of our website audit service
Publication of our first Survey Report
First child-care leave for a male employee (one year)
Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics
Highest heat wave in history
2011 Launch of our English writing service
Launch of our 44 language global website
Launch of our Ski Team
Transfer of cross country skier Yuichi Onda to Arc Communications' Ski Team
Great East Japan Earthquake
2012 Launch of UNIV. IN JAPAN, a portal website presenting English-based programs taught at Japanese universities
Launch of our English training course
Opening of the Tokyo Skytree
London 2012 Summer Olympics
2013 Launch of our French language website
Opening of a collection of short introductory sentences in 44 languages
Mt. Fuji named a World Heritage Site
2014 Yuichi Onda competed in the Olympics for the third time in a row
Achievement of Arc Communications' best sales and highest profit
Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics
Consumption tax raise from 5 to 8%
2015 10th Anniversary Opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen