CEO’s Message

January 2016

The Joys of Setting Routines

Arc Communications turned 10 on July 15th, 2015.
We are extremely grateful for all the generous (and undeserved) kind words we received at our 10th anniversary party.
Now it seems like we have entered 2016, still hectic with high levels of excitement wafting through the air from the celebration of our first decade.

I am someone who likes to always try new things, yet I have recently been striving to establish routines.

For instance, with family trips: every winter holiday for the last three years, we have been going to a YMCA family camp in Myōkō Kōgen. Every year, without noticing the twelve month-long gap, we intensify our interactions while observing each other's growth and progress (I wonder why it is that both the bodies of children and adults keep growing?). Then, as soon as the holidays come to an end, we start anticipating our next year-end camping trip together.

Another example would be the topics I bring up in our general meetings. I have been doing these speeches for some time, but we have now established a system to share them, even to those who couldn't attend, by preparing a script then sending it out to our internal mailing list. I also post it on my blog when relevant.
The funny thing is that, although I thought that writing down these topics would stop me from repeating them, it had the opposite effect: it makes me want to revisit them.

Last but not least, there is funNOTE, our company newsletter. Its form and publication dates may have changed over time, but we have been regularly sending out information about global communications and Arc Communications' current state of affairs since our foundation in 2005. The fun (a.k.a. the hardships) pertaining to the newsletter's creation may be set in stone, but we always apply ourselves to setting a high standard of enjoyment for our readers.

Originally, routines are meant to simplify a process and make it possible on the long-run. Yet even routines need a breath of fresh air every now and then. Having reached our 10th anniversary, it looks like 2016 will be a year full of repeated attempts at setting standards and bringing in a new breath of fresh air. Please accept my best regards.

Mariko Ohsato
President & CEO


Communicate Locally, Market Globally
In the global age we are living in, breaking through the walls of language, time and distance infinitely broadens possibilities. Since its establishment in 2005, Arc Communications has strived to provide high quality communications services to help convey our customers' messages.
Here is a look at the main events that took place at Arc Communications and on in our society over the last ten years.

  Highlights at Arc Communications Meanwhile, in the rest of the world
2005 Launch of Arc Communications on July, 15
Launch of our three services: translation, Web solutions and temporary staffing
Appointment of outside directors
First large scale project using CMS architecture
Launch of the Tsukuba Express line
Opening of the Expo 2005 Aichi Japan
2006 Launch of the separated department system
Launch of our business publications translation service
Our Web team's participation in 10 consecutive successful calls for bid
First large scale global website creation
First issue of our corporate newsletter, funNOTE
Launch of the mobile number portability (MNP) system
Torino 2006 Winter Olympics
2007 Launch of our temporary staffing service
20 consecutive successful translation trials
Launch of a Web service to help create/manage websites directed at foreign-owned Japanese companies
We were awarded the Privacy Mark
First Tokyo Marathon
2008 Launch of our multi-language translation service
Mrs. Ohsato took a two month-long maternity leave
Opening of the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin line
Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics
2009 Launch of our interpretation service
Launch of a CMS audit service for companies considering the inclusion of the CMS architecture
Launch of an English-language website evaluation service
Logo renewal
Change of government from the Liberal Democratic Party in favor of the Democratic Party
2010 Launch of our graphic design service
Launch of our website audit service
Publication of our first Survey Report
First child-care leave for a male employee (one year)
Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics
Highest heat wave in history
2011 Launch of our English writing service
Launch of our 44 language global website
Launch of our Ski Team
Transfer of cross country skier Yuichi Onda to Arc Communications' Ski Team
Great East Japan Earthquake
2012 Launch of UNIV. IN JAPAN, a portal website presenting English-based programs taught at Japanese universities
Launch of our English training course
Opening of the Tokyo Skytree
London 2012 Summer Olympics
2013 Launch of our French language website
Opening of a collection of short introductory sentences in 44 languages
Mt. Fuji named a World Heritage Site
2014 Yuichi Onda competed in the Olympics for the third time in a row
Achievement of Arc Communications' best sales and highest profit
Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics
Consumption tax raise from 5 to 8%
2015 10th Anniversary Opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen