CEO’s Message

September 2017

A Long-standing Relationship of Mutual Trust

XX years ago, when I left Ōita Prefecture to pursue my university studies in Tokyo, I started going to a young dentist's at a dental college. And, apart for the few years when I lived abroad, he has continued to be my personal dentist throughout university, after graduating and ever since.

The first page on my patient's chart reads the words I filled out when I went for my first dental check-up-"Mariko Ohsato, 19 y.o."-and now, as years go by, these rendezvous with my own handwriting, and my prized (?) and ever-so-bulky chart have become very important to me.

This "young" dentist finally retired several years ago, but then he opened a private practice at his own home and I have been going there since.

Come to think of it, I have known my dentist much longer than my own husband! (Laughs)

It goes without saying that the key to achieving such a long relationship is trust. Although, to be honest, when you reach a long-standing relationship like this, it becomes such a natural part of your life that you don't give it that much thought in the first place, and throwing around words like "trust" can be a little embarrassing.

Speaking of long-lasting partnerships, all the dental equipment that surrounds my dentist has the same word written on it: "OSADA." Osada Electric Co., Ltd. is a major customer of ours, and they did us the honor of participating in this issue's funNOTE feature interview. We have built a relationship of mutual trust which may very well be the result of our numerous and smooth collaborations over the years.

Mariko Ohsato
President & CEO

With Representative Director and President, Yoshihiro Osada,
at the Osada Electric Co., Ltd. Tokyo Showroom